Welcome to Baldwin Builds Baseball!

Baldwin Builds Baseball is a non-profit organization dedicated to keeping America’s favorite pastime alive and well in our fast growing county. We committed to making community baseball programs more accessible to our youth, particularly the underprivileged. The next Jake Peavy may very well be living next door. Unfortunately, that child may not reach his or her potential simply because of economic hardships which may prevent exposure to America’s favorite game.

Baldwin Builds Baseball is committed to making these baseball dreams come true for the youth in our community whose eyes are glued to the T.V. every October watching their sports heroes live out their own dreams. Baldwin County is a county that definitely has a love for baseball and the numerous state championships speak for themselves. That being said, it is our mission to turn potential into results in our baseball-loving youth.

Our organization is focused on both enabling youth access to baseball and developing baseball parks in our communities. For some families, baseball is unaffordable, with equipment costs and league registration fees ranging in the hundreds of dollars. Our organization will provide financial assistance to those families in need whose children want to play ball. We do this through the generous support of our community members.