About Us

Supporting our baseball communities
We’re dedicated to helping our communities improve their ball parks and create a great baseball experience for everyone – players, coaches, families and fans. If your neighborhood or community ball park needs some TLC, let us know.

Helping youth gain access to baseball
Baldwin County has many children whose families lack the resources join Baldwin County’s many baseball leagues and associations. We will work hard to help underprivileged kids who wish to play baseball, play baseball! Our grant program will be available soon. Subscribe to our newsletter to keep up on our progress and learn how we can help.

Support Baldwin County Baseball
Wherever you live in Baldwin County, there are youth baseball leagues playing near you. Please support our efforts to help keep community ball parks in tip top shape while we work to provide underprivileged kids with access to baseball.

Baldwin Builds Baseball is a non-profit organization whose goal is to make playing organized baseball more accessible for our community’s youth and to provide financial, as well as logistical, means to make this happen.

Through fundraising and the generous donations from members of the community, we can help any child whose dreams are of stepping on an MLB plate to have a chance to tap into their athletic potential through resources that are not readily available to them. Alongside providing financial assistance for baseball related expenses, we are in the process of renovating a baseball park in Spanish Fort with more to come in the future. We scout for coaches in our community with the intention to expand organized leagues in order to grow and carry on the tradition of America’s favorite past time in Baldwin County.

With the helping hand of the community, Baldwin Builds Baseball can and will help baseball dreams become tangible for any child in our community interested in the historically significant game of baseball.