Interested in Coaching?

A key factor to growing our local baseball community is identifying interested people for volunteer coaching positions. Volunteer positions range from being a coach to helping run fundraising events. If your free time is limited but are still interested in coaching, we have assistant coach positions as well.

Being a baseball coach is much more than just coordinating a team and giving baseball advice, it is a position of a role model in our community. A coach can impact a child’s life much more than you can imagine. This includes being an example of what a great leader entails to the youth. Taking on the position of a coach is a task that is both rewarding and, at times, challenging and it will make a difference in the lives of that youth you coach, no matter how small.

There are many underprivileged children who have not had the good fortune of a steady father figure in their lives, and a baseball coach can help fill that role model position in their lives. There is much your players will learn from you, as a coach, but almost more importantly is what you will learn from the experience and the process of becoming a great leader and role model in our community.

Our goal of making organized baseball more accessible in our community can only will be reached because of our volunteers and their efforts. If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering as a coach or assistant coach please visit our “Contact Us” page and send us an email.