All donations to Baldwin Builds Baseball will be going directly towards:

  • Renovating baseball parks in our community to be completely playable.
  • Bats, helmets, mitts, uniforms, gloves,  and registration fees that are essential for playing organized baseball.
  • Providing transportation for players to and from practices and games.

Our baseball goal will be reached according to the pace of how many volunteers we have and the funds we receive from the community. If you feel like our goal is one that resonates with you, your donations will be received with much gratitude and be put right back into our baseball community. The funds we receive will be strategically and carefully used to progressively make organized baseball a bigger part in Baldwin county than it already is. We hope to give any child that wants to play on a baseball team in our county the opportunity to do so and as soon as possible. None of this can happen without the gracious help of our community.