Get Involved

What Can You Do to Help?

There are countless ways to contribute to our baseball mission and one of them involves connecting us with underprivileged families with baseball dreams who you may know personally. A big part of our mission involves identifying the youth in our community who have baseball aspirations but not many resources to make the dream concrete and we could not be truly successful at this without the help of individuals in our community bringing these families to our attention.

If this sounds like a suitable opportunity for you, please contact us on our “Contact” page. A contribution such as bringing a family to our attention can have long lasting impacts and very well may assist in potentials being reached that otherwise would not have been.

Interested in Volunteering?

Baldwin Builds Baseball is always looking for volunteers that want to see organized baseball grow in our community.

If coaching a team doesn’t suit you, there are various other roles to be filled in order to get organized youth baseball to be more accessible in our community. We will be holding various fundraisers year-round to support baseball programs in our community which will have various volunteer positions to choose from.

We all have times where we want to help out the community and don’t know where to begin. Volunteering your time for the mission of Baldwin Builds Baseball will leaving you feeling like you are giving back to the community in a way you didn’t think you could before and having fun at the same time. Seeing the joy in a child’s eyes because they can finally play the game they love on an organized team for the first time is an wonderful sight. If you do not have much free time to spare, even helping to get the word out of Baldwin Builds Baseball’s goal will be beneficial to our mission.

As mentioned above, there will be various fundraisers throughout the year that require volunteers in order to function. This is including, but not limited to greeting guests, working at concession/information stands, answering questions from guests regarding our goal, and setting up at the venues.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us from our “Contact” page.